Celebrate a Birthday With a Custom Projection Necklace

Birthdays do more than just mark that someone has become a year older. They are a time to celebrate the individual and all that makes him or her unique. A gift of jewelry is a great way to show how special someone is, especially if it is personalized to reflect something that is important to him or her.

It is customary to have an extra celebration for reaching those ages that are considered milestones, such as birthdays that mark legal and cultural transitions to adulthood as well as ages that are divisible by five. However, with the gift of a custom projection necklace, any birthday can be particularly special.

Give a Gift for Graduation

It is traditional to give gifts for graduations from high school and college because these events mark significant steps away from childhood and toward adult responsibilities. Graduation is a time when people simultaneously look forward to the future and back to their past to reflect on where they've come from and what brought them to this point. A gift of a custom projection necklace can help remind people of how far they've come.

Express Your Love for Your Spouse on Your Wedding and Anniversary

Marriage is closely associated with gifts of jewelry. Couples give gifts of jewelry, primarily rings, to mark their engagement and as part of the celebration of their wedding. While it is always appropriate to give your spouse jewelry for your wedding anniversary, there are some anniversaries traditionally associated with particular gifts of ornamentation. For example, the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries are considered the silver and golden anniversaries, respectively.

Commemorate a Life Lived with a Custom Projection Necklace

When a loved one dies, it is not an occasion for celebration but for commemoration. Some people show respect for loved ones who have passed by doing something to preserve the time they shared together in a concrete way. A custom projection necklace is an excellent way to commemorate a lost loved one by reproducing his or her portrait so you can see his or her face whenever you want and keep the memory close to your heart.

There are many more special life events for which the gift of a custom projection necklace would be appropriate. Contact us at Revival Jewelry to answer your questions or get started on your project.