As a jewelry piece, a locket necklace is extremely personal and sentimental. This centuries-old fashion accessory can be romantic or nostalgic. While there are endless ways to use a locket to celebrate a moment in time, you may not think the pieces themselves can be that unique. However, with a Revival Jewelry pendant, you can stand out from the generic locket category and step into a class all by yourself. Ready to find the perfect locket? Here’s how to choose one superior to the rest.

What Is a Locket Necklace?

Most commonly, a locket is a pendant made of precious metal hung around the neck using a chain. The pendant features tiny hinges that open and reveal a small space where a personal memento can be stored. You often find pictures of loved ones in a locket, or some contain a lock of hair as a token of remembrance. Lockets have long been used as a gift of love between spouses or family members, and they are also an excellent gift option for friends.

In times past, lockets were used to carry perfumes and medicines, but the idea of keeping someone close when separated by circumstances or war caused the locket to become more of a sentimental keepsake. Thus, photos became an iconic part of locket design and use. As time has gone on, lockets have cycled in and out of fashion, particularly once wars ended. Now, however, with the innovative and patented gemlike lens design of Revival Jewelry’s pendant, today’s locket can be a modern step up from the Victorian models of yesteryear.

Who Can Wear a Locket Necklace?

When it comes to combining fashion and memories, there are no rules. A locket is a unisex jewelry piece. With conventional-style lockets, some feature more feminine design elements. These often have romantic motifs, elaborate designs and are full of colorful gemstones.

With a design by Revival Jewelry, there is no need to worry about whether a piece looks too feminine or masculine. There is an option for everyone. The Pillar Pendant was uniquely designed to look good on both men and women, and it doesn’t have to be limited to a necklace. The pendant can be used for a keychain, in either rose, white or yellow plated gold finish.

Why Choose a Locket Necklace?

Everyone has important people and moments they want to remember. Social media, smartphones and internet access seem to make it easy to scroll through digital images and video whenever you want to remember your wedding day, your loved one who has passed or your children. However, even when surrounded by all of the photos and images you want, either digitally or in print, there is something sweet and nostalgic about keeping a favorite person or memory literally close to your heart.

A locket is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a treasured story, turning a necklace into a relevant piece of living history. It doesn’t have to be a love story, either. Typically, heart lockets symbolize romance or love, but thanks to Revival Jewelry, you aren’t limited to a simple expression of affection. Something like the Heartstring Silver Necklace is a dazzling upgrade to the traditional heart locket, but you can also choose a piece like the Hope Silver Necklace. This is a stunning piece marked by a swirl design and beautiful delicate stones placed around the gem picture.

How Should You Choose a Locket Necklace Photo?

The difference between a traditional locket and the Revival Jewelry pendant is the photo capture. Rather than having a miniature photo cut out and delicately placed into the locket, Revival Jewelry has an innovative design that captures the image inside the center gem of your jewelry piece. The photo can be seen when holding the pendant close to the eye, just about an inch away. With the proper lighting streaming in through the white diffuser on the back, the photo becomes visible.

With this option for your locket, your photo choices are limitless. However, it is best to not use photos that have a lot of tiny details. Here are few tips for selecting the right photo for your locket.


Select a photo with high resolution to get the most clarity when viewing. Avoid downloading photos from social media sites that have been scaled down or heavily edited. While a GemPic with Revival Jewelry can be made from just about any photo, higher resolution avoids a blurred image. However, old photos that are important can be used, as well as lower resolutions, so if that is all you have, then go for it.


You may have a large family or special group that you spend a lot of time with, but pictures with more than three people aren’t always the best choice for a locket necklace. When a photo is scaled down, it can be harder to see all of the details or faces clearly. The pendants at Revival Jewelry all use the same size GemPic, so there is no difference between the way a photo looks between the various items. If you do want to try for a picture with several people, make sure everyone squeezes tightly together and focus the photo on the faces over the outside details.

Which Locket Necklace Is Perfect for the Occasion?

The right locket needs to perfectly complement the wearer. With GemPic pendant from Revival Jewelry, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. No stuffy, out-of-touch lockets here. If you are the modern mom looking to capture the face of your children and keep them snuggled close, consider the Heartstring pendant. Looking to commemorate a special anniversary or memorialize one who has passed? The elegant Medallion Silver Necklace is a perfect piece. Need to tell someone you care? Use the petite Renewal Yellow Gold Necklace.

By getting all of the details right, you can take the idea of a jewelry keepsake to the next level. A GemPic pendant from Revival Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind locket necklace that puts new meaning in keeping someone close to your heart. Order yours today.