Custom Photo Jewelry Has Evolved Beyond Lockets

During the Victorian age and throughout the first half of the 20th century, the photo-concealing locket was ubiquitous. Sold in jewelry shops and catalogs, the wearer would insert the picture of their choice into the locket he or she purchased after trimming it to fit. The photo, or photos, rested safely inside the pendant, viewable only when the locket was opened.

The nostalgic charm of this concept is still appealing to people today, but 21st-century innovation has transformed this historic idea into a modern yet modest luxury item. Revival's lens technology allows you to create a tasteful piece of jewelry that conceals the photo of your choosing. Simply hold it up an inch from your eye to view its contents, or project it onto a wall or other surface. It's a discrete and sophisticated spin on the classic locket. Need help showing it off? Our website offers easy-to-follow demonstration videos.

Discretion Creates Both Mystery and Security

Style and subtlety can be hard to come by with most custom photo jewelry. Wearing photos of your children around your neck can be cumbersome at best and tacky at worst. With our pendants, it's possible to enjoy a custom photo piece while retaining your sense of style. We offer a variety of pendant profiles, from slim, sleek and angular pillars to playful heart-shaped charms, all of which contain our patent-pending lens technology. By completely concealing the photo, our pendants hold an air of mystery that you can enjoy unraveling for your friends, no matter what style or shape you choose.

Our lens technology is also safer, particularly if you'd like to wear custom photo jewelry that spotlights your children. If you wouldn't splash their adorable faces all over the internet, for example, you probably shouldn't wear them around your neck, either. By tucking your little ones' photos in one of our unique pendants, you decide who sees — and who doesn't see — their smiling faces. Photos are hidden behind a viewing lens that looks like a standard gem set in your choice of rose gold, gold or silver pendant.

Our Custom Photo Jewelry Gives Back to the Community

Our photo jewelry is made in the United States, using rigorous manufacturing processes and non-toxic materials. You, or your jewelry's recipient, can enjoy your purchase for a lifetime without any concern about deterioration or degradation. You can also feel good about supporting a good cause: A portion of Revival's sales is donated to local food banks to support members of the community experiencing food insecurity.

Custom photo jewelry is experiencing a renaissance right now. If you're ready to create a unique piece of statement jewelry that's simultaneously high-tech and timeless, contact us today or browse our designs online to begin your exciting collaboration on a one-of-a-kind pendant.