If you want a special way to carry your loved one around with you all the time, you might have considered a necklace where you can keep their picture close by, looking at it whenever you want. In a step up from the old-fashioned locket, you might be interested in a custom projection necklace that makes it easy for
you to view their image.

Why Would You Want a Custom Projection Necklace?

Maybe you have recently lost someone close to you and want to keep them close to your heart. Or perhaps your loved ones are far away, and you miss them often. Having a custom projection necklace makes it easy for you to see their images whenever you like. Here are the steps involved in getting started on your necklace. 

1. Pick the Right Photo

First, you want to find the right photo that features your loved one. Take some time and go through any pictures you might have, either physical or digital. Once you find one that invokes the feelings you want, you can upload it. Now that you have your picture, you need to select the right type of necklace or pendant to suit your needs. 

2. Find a Custom Projection Necklace Design That Speaks to You

Browse through the different projection necklaces and pendants to find one that resonates with you. You want to keep in mind how often and where you intend to wear the necklace and your own personal style. There are a variety of different designs that you might enjoy, such as:

• Renewal Locket Necklaces 
Pillar Locket Pendants
Halo Locket Necklaces
Medallion Locket Necklaces
Hope Locket Necklaces

If necessary, take a look at your other jewelry items and see which one would pair best with these before you decide on the right custom projection necklace for you. 

3. Understand How To Use Your Necklace

Now that you have your necklace and photo picked out, it's time to learn how you can use the projection feature whenever you would like. You can look through the center gem within the necklace to easily view your picture whenever you would like. Make sure the white diffuser on the back points toward a steady light source. If you would like to share your picture with others, turn the lights off and use a light, such as a flashlight on your phone, holding it flush to the diffuser. You might have to adjust the positioning, but you should see the picture displayed. 

Let Revival Help You Find the Right Custom Projection Necklace for You

A picture in a necklace is nothing new, but thanks to improvements in jewelry, it is easier than ever to carry around an image of your loved one. You can view it whenever you would like, knowing you are wearing something special, even if no one else can tell.

If you want a modern locket to keep your beloved close to you, we can help. Contact Revival Jewelry today, and discover the many options when it comes to picking out a custom projection necklace that fits well with your lifestyle.