Perhaps you have recently lost a loved one, and you are looking for a way to carry him or her with you wherever you go. Maybe you want the right type of necklace but you want it to have meaning, and would prefer a necklace with a picture inside. Discover how a hidden picture necklace might be just right for you. 

What Is a Hidden Picture Necklace?

There is a rich history behind the locket and carrying around pictures of our loved ones, deceased or not. A hidden picture necklace should be thought of as a modern locket, allowing you to take a cherished picture wherever you go. Unlike a locket, no one else will know there is a secret contained inside it. 

A New Twist on a Modern Locket

This necklace with a picture inside allows you to view your photo in a dark room. Rather than responding to someone if they ask "Is that a locket?" you can easily tell them no, and not feel obligated to show anything. If you are wearing your hidden picture necklace as a form of comfort shortly after losing someone dear to you, this can be a relief. 

How a Hidden Picture Necklace Works

Getting a modern locket sounds like a good idea, but you aren't exactly sure how they work. It's actually a very simple process, making it easy to illuminate and view your picture anytime you would like. Here is how the process works once you have selected a design for your necklace. 

Picking the Right Picture

You'll need to upload a picture of the desired subject you want to have within your necklace. It is important to note that the picture is usually upside down when inserted into the necklace. This makes it easier to view the picture if you project it onto a surface.  

Understanding How To Illuminate Your Picture

Once you have your necklace and your picture is safely inside it, you'll be able it view it a few different ways. You can hold the portion of your necklace that has the Revival Lens where the picture is stored, close to your eye, ensuring there is enough light in the back. Make sure you are not covering up the diffuser while doing this.

You can also project your picture onto a surface. Pick a room that is reasonably dark, and using a light, such as a flashlight on your phone, and project against the white diffuser. You might need to move and make a few adjustments, but you should be able to see your picture projected onto the surface of your choosing. This is helpful if you are sharing with others or showing how this type of modern locket works. 

Let Revival Jewelry Help You Get Started Today

Wearing a hidden picture necklace can be a beautiful way to commemorate the memory of someone dear to you. This is an innovative manner to ensure your memories can follow you around and be passed down to future generations.

If you are ready to purchase a modern locket of your own, let Revival Jewelry help you. Contact us today with any questions you have about the process.