We designed our magnet clasp with a desire to find the best solution for our customer and nothing else. After months of research, we found all the clasps out there were either clunky or made with inferior materials. When we did not see anything in the market that both looked and felt right, we made our own. Not only did we want to bring great design, but we wanted to provide great value to our customers who have already purchased a Revival photo necklace. Once we had the design and the materials we were looking for, we released the Revival Magnet Clasp. You scan see how it works here:

We recently had a customer contact us after ordering five of our magnet clasps.  She told us that our clasps were not easy to find and that we she should make it easier for others to find because it is the best magnet clasp she’s found.  She ended up leaving us a review and these were her exact words:

 "BEST CLASP ON THE MARKET. This is the best and most affordable magnetic clasp I’ve found.”

Whether you use it to wear a Revival photo necklace or any other jewelry, you should definitely try this magnet clasp.  It will change the way you feel about putting on your jewelry. I've already purchased several to give as gifts to friends.

Here is a link to the product page: Revival Magnet Clasp