Carrying around a picture of a loved one is nothing new. People have been wearing photos of their beloved or family members around their necks for hundreds of years. The history of the locket dates back to times of royalty and privilege, but this classical piece is slowly being replaced with the modern version, known as photo jewelry. Learn more about this concept, and see how it can be a beautiful addition to your jewelry box. 

What Is Sentimental Photo Jewelry?

Photo jewelry today involves embedding a picture actually within the pendant. You start out by selecting a necklace shape and design that resonates with you. Options vary and you can choose from necklaces such as:

  • Pillar pendants
  • Renewal necklaces
  • Hope pendants
  • Halo necklaces
  • Frame pendants

Once you have the type of necklace settled on, find a photo of your loved one you wish to use and upload it. The picture is then made part of the necklace, and you can use a special technique to display the image whenever you want. If you'd rather not advertise that you are wearing a photo necklace, that is fine. No one has to know and you can show it off only if you want to. 

How Does It Work?

When wearing a Revival necklace, there are special methods for getting your hidden picture to show up. 

You can hold the pendant about an inch away from your eye while looking through the center or middle gem. The back should be directed toward the light so that an adequate amount of light can go through the diffuser, illuminating the photo. 

If you would like to show your image off for others to see or simply have a bigger display, you'll need to start with a near-dark room. Using your phone's flashlight, put it close to the diffuser so you can project the photo against a wall or flat surface. Begin with holding the light a few inches away and move it out as needed until the image is clearly projected. 

What Are Benefits of Photo Jewelry?

Wearing a modern locket or photo jewelry has a number of benefits. If you don't already have a photo necklace in your jewelry box, this can be the perfect time to add one, or even give one as a gift. Here are a few good reasons why these unique, personalized pieces can make a thoughtful present or nice addition to your own jewelry collection. 

Can Go With Anything

The photo jewelry necklaces Revival offers come in many different styles. With choices like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, you are sure to find something that matches your taste, skin tone, and aesthetic. All the necklaces are in timeless colors, so you'll never need to worry about going out of fashion with an item that can be worn many times over. 

Makes a Statement on Its Own

All of the photo jewelry Revival offers is designed to make a statement on its own. You don't need to show off your special picture if you would rather not. Many people won't even guess what you have hidden within the necklace because the piece stands out and looks beautiful all by itself. This type of necklace can be worn anywhere, from work to outings to simply staying at home. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do; the jewelry can be appropriate for a variety of different occasions with no changing necessary. 

Only You Know

If you are dealing with the recent passing of someone dear to you, it can help to keep your loved one close by, even if only in spirit. You might not want to show off your photo or feel as though you have to explain yourself when you wear your special jewelry out. It can be helpful to know that with these types of necklaces and pendants, only you can know what's on the inside. 

Can Be Passed Down

Another benefit of photo jewelry is that you can pass it down to others in your family. This is especially good for children, but this jewelry can be a nice gift to present when any occasion in life occurs and you would like to give something special to ensure the other person's memory lives on. 

Photo jewelry can be good to give at weddings, graduations, or even a significant birthday, such as turning 21, 25, 30, or beyond. Commemorating events with these pieces can ensure that special pictures and memories stay within your family for years and even decades to come. 

Takes Your Loved One With You

Living, near or long-deceased, you can take a beloved family member or friend anywhere with you in your photo jewelry. During difficult times, or when you are adjusting after losing someone, this can be helpful as you move through life. It might make it easier and allow you to have a less stressful day at work to have a memory near.

The same applies if the person you are thinking of lives far away, or you can even use your jewelry to contain the memories of a beloved pet. What's important is that you can take the image anywhere you go, no matter what. Just knowing that you can see a picture of your loved one whenever you want can make all the difference and help you feel more relaxed. 

Let Revival Jewelry Help You Get Started 

There are so many benefits and options when it comes to choosing photo jewelry. From passing down something tangible to future generations to having a gorgeous statement piece that can be worn whenever and wherever, this version of a modern locket might be the right choice for you.

If you are ready to get started selecting photo jewelry of your own but have questions or need help, Revival Jewelry is here for you. Contact us and find out how we can help you get started selecting the perfect necklace to meet your needs, whatever they might be. 

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